1-Day Mall at FutuRepublic 2019

February 23rd, 2019 at Ecopark will not only witness the first performance of Tyga in Jakarta, but also a music festival that has a twist: 1 Day Mall.

The concept will bring both the awareness of the hippest local brands and bridge many fashion enthusiasts within the music festivals with these brands. The goal is to create a fashion hype during the event; not only can you enjoy the music festival, but also to shop the limited edition of various local brands’ capsule collections. For The F Thing’s vendors, this concept is to have the perfect platform for a brand activation and brand familiarization to the public. With a total of 10 booths, each booth is designed by the vendors as they so wish. Most of the decor elements precisely depict the brand essence, while is still aligned with neonized and futuristic vibe that is FutuRepublic.

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