#1 Support System: Your Sibling, Like It or Not

“The relationship between siblings can be marked with rivalry and conflict, but can also be one of the closest and intimate relationships a person has in childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.”
–Buhrmester & Furman ,1990.

Teasing, irritating, and knocking each other are what you get when you have a sibling around. As much as they may have annoyed you when you were younger—or for the rest of your life, they may be the best partners you could ever had in your life. As Jeffrey Kruger said in his book, the Sibling Effects, “There may be no relationship that affects us more profoundly that’s more filled with joy and fraught with woe than the relationship we have with our siblings. There’s power in siblings bond, it’s a thing of abiding love.
The mutual love that siblings shared are the purest out of any forms love, and here are why it is a blessing to have a sibling or more around you;
  1. You will always have some allies and alibis.
  2. Double the wardrobe.
  3. You can chip in for everything
  4. You have your own bodyguards.
  5. You get some free helps.
  6. You can ask them for advices—any kind of advices.
  7. You can tell them any secrets—sometimes.
  8. You can have someone to share your inside jokes with.
  9. You have a playmate growing up.
  10. They teach you patience
  11. Someone to hang out with anytime.
  12. You can learn from each other.
  13. They will be your oldest friends.
After all the bickering and fights, you do realize you’re not alone and that you’ll always have your sib, right?



Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim


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