The #1 Supreme Fans

Social media has allowed those with the financial means to buy up entire Supreme collections on the secondary market and then flex them as online bragging rights.


Tariq, aka @tariqthehypebeast, is a 15-year-old school kid from Hong Kong, who’s now the proud owner of a Louis Vuitton x Supreme Malle Courrier 90 trunk. Chay, aka @chaygodfrey, is an 18-year-old student from Buckinghamshire who recently launched his own reselling business. He believes he’s the first person in the UK to own not one, but two of the Louis Vuitton x Supreme skateboard trunks.

With the trunks being by far the most limited of all pieces, how did you manage to acquire one (or two)?
Tariq: “In order to get the trunk I had to pre-order it at Louis Vuitton’s Hong Kong store back in March, when pre-orders were taking place.”
Chay: “I was given the opportunity from a good friend of mine who is a high-valued client at Louis Vuitton. He knows my passion for Supreme, so he told me he was able to get the skateboard trunk as he has a close relationship with his LV rep.”
Why did you decide to purchase the most heavily priced item from the collection?
Tariq: “At the time I felt that the trunk was very limited, therefore I feel that the value is going to increase sooner or later.”
Chay: “I knew how exclusive the trunk was going to be and how no one that I personally know would own one. I like the idea of being one of the small amount of people to own the trunk and probably the only person in the world to have purchased two directly from Louis Vuitton. I pre-ordered my first trunk back in February, then had the opportunity to buy the second trunk the following month.”
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