10 Indonesian Movies That Has Gained Millions of Viewers in 2019

A series of  Indonesian movies has been increasingly colorful and diverse. The local filmmakers make interesting story plots of various genres that are enjoyed by the audience.

Since the beginning of 2019 until now, there have been countless numbers of movies shown in theaters. But among the series of movies, some managed to attract millions of viewers during its screening period.
Here are the 10 best-selling Indonesian movies in 2019 which collected from various sources:
  1. Dilan 1991
This movie has successfully repeating its previous success. This movie has topped with an audience of 5.2 million, unfortunately wasn’t able to beat the record of it which reached 6.2 million viewers.
  1. Dua Garis Biru
The movie produced by Starvision Plus was screened on July 11, 2019 and won 178 thousand viewers on the first day. The acquisition also increased until the 15th day reaching 2 million viewers and put the movie in the second position.
  1. My Stupid Boss 2
The adorable chemistry between Bunga Citra Lestari with Reza Rahadian was able to bring this movie in third position. The movie was produced by Falcon Pictures gained 1.8 million viewers.
  1. Kuntilanak 2
In the midst of the onslaught of teen-themed movies, the horror genre is still in demand by the audience. This movie that was made by Rizal Mantovani is ranked fourth with the acquisition of about 1.7 million viewers.
  1. Keluarga Cemara
Based on novels and television series, Keluarga Cemara provides educational and interesting shows for families. Visinema Pictures movie production is ranked fifth with 1.7 million viewers.
  1. Bumi Manusia
After airing for two weeks, this movie by Hanung Bramantyo managed to penetrate 1.2 million viewers. Since the beginning of this movie has reached 92 thousand viewers, the number continues to increase.
  1. Preman Pensiun
The success of the serial show of Preman Pensiun was tried to be brought by MNC Pictures to the big screen. The results were truly extraordinary and were able to attract 1.1 million viewers and received several awards.
  1. Orang Kaya Baru
This movie tells of a family who suddenly became wealthy. The cuteness and innocence of each character in the story succeeded in getting the audience to see and be able to reach as many as 1.1 million viewers.
  1. Ghost Writer
The Horror genre doesn’t dampen the interest of movie lovers in the country. The movie that was made by Bene Dion was able to attract as many as 1.1 million viewers.
  1. Gundala
Joko Anwar offered something different to the Indonesian cinema. Lifting the story of the country’s superheroes named Gundala who successfully attracted more than 1 million viewers in seven days. This number continues to grow seeing the audience’s extraordinary interest into the movie.
Source: iNews

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