10 Men Who Redefined Man Fashion Scene

Way back then, when it comes to define fashionable men, what comes to mind is usually men in suit. Dandy, dapper, and suave. Imagine the Roaring 20s in The Great Gatsby. In this modern era, many men have defied, in a sense, what man fashion is supposed to be. Hailing the unisex theme, man’s fashion scene underwent a significant change influenced by famous people from showbiz industry and as well as street inspired look. Men went from wearing a boring safari shirt to a colorful suit in a rapid span of time. Many male artists embrace the maximalism, blur the gender lines in attire, or simply reimagine shapes and color palettes. We’ve listed 10 men who are doing the most to expand the limits of menswear in this era.


Pharrell Williams

A true icon. Beside his music, his fashion becomes a legacy as well. He changed his style effortlessly – starting off with a plain tee and a pair of jeans to, wait for it, an avid follower of French fashion house Chanel. He became Lagerfeld’s fave and naturally became the fashion house’s muse.


Jared Leto

This actor-slash-singer brings maximalist style into a new level. Thanks to Alessandro Michele, he shares a ‘70s-inspired style smoothly. From layered constrasting texture clothes, bright colors, exotic fabric, to ornamental embroidery details, he rocks it well.


Alessandro Michele

As expected from Jared Leto’s close friend, Alessandro Michele brought back the idea that men are allowed to dress up to get attention. And he did that singlehandedly. He encourages his clients – Tom Hiddleston, Harry Styles, and many other to expand their sartorial imagination.


Harry Styles

Men in pink suit? Only Harry Styles rocks it. Since his departure from One Diection, Harry began to explore his style more. He is now mastering an androgynous rocker look with a skinny jeans, high heeled boots, or a flowy floral shirts. Our best guess is that Harry wishes to be the next Mick Jagger.


Luka Sabbat

The infamous millennial from NYC is getting all the praises due to his sense of fashion. Luka combines a cool looking style from both street and runways. The result? He is one of the most followed millennials on earth and included in the front row squad in every fashion week.


Kanye West

Say no more about this controversial rapper. Hats off for his effort of not being afraid to try new things. His experiments with his clothing line, Yeezy, are renowned to blur the boundaries between what’s hype and what’s not.


Jaden Smith

He ain’t that Karate Kid no more, folks. Jaden Smith is now included in a troop of fashion. He isn’t afraid to push the envelope and to express himself way better than before. When he starred in Louis Vuitton Spring 2016 womenswear ad campaign, many talked about it and witnessed Jaden’s uniqueness.


Justin Bieber

The kid who became famous during the YouTube hype and discovered by Usher. Years have passed and Bieber had its ups and downs, from romance, career, to look. He successfully delivered a cooler self-rebrand and gained various fans from different background. No longer a teen sensation, Bieber’s style is matured and he became a fashion icon with his laid-back style.


A$AP Rocky

If you wonder one guy who shows a real possibilities of finding out that men’s wardrobe are endless, you’ll come into his name. A$AP Rocky can wear a classic hip-hop street style, to a punk rock Dior style, or a runway-worthy tracksuit.

g dragon men fashion bomagz1


Since his debut as a singer, G-Dragon knows how to mix and match to pull an edgy vibe. He always dares himself when it comes to dressing up and South Korea is proud to call him a trendsetter, and a fashion leader even. No wonder Karl Lagerfeld made him as Chanel brand ambassador in Seoul. Fun fact? Every fashion item he wore will sell out within minutes.

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