12 Female Tattoo Artists You Should be Following on Instagram

It’s no secret that young people — specifically young women — love tattoos.

A decade ago, that was far from the truth, but today, more women than ever don’t care what you think about them and their ink. But what about the artists tattooing them? Even though there are more women than ever flocking to tattoo parlors, the artists holding the needles remain predominantly male — a fact that’s evident as you scroll through social media.
But we think men already get enough attention, so we decided to refocus ours to the women and non-binary artists who are breaking up the boys’ club. These women and non-binary individuals are just as — if not more so — talented than their male counterparts. Plus, they’re changing the tattoo industry for the better by creating female and LGBTQ-friendly spaces to get inked.
Ahead, the female and gender non-conforming artists you should be following — and booking — right now. Read more on Refinery29

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