15 American Streetwear Brands on Trend Right Now

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, streetwear is massive now and it has become a global language – that’s a pretty powerful thing when you think about what’s going on in the world right now.

Some of the OG brands like Stüssy and Supreme are still the most famous brands nowadays. But if you observe them all from afar, there are a lot of new crop brands that are more hype than any streetwear brands you would know. What’s more is that streetwear’s biggest strength is that it’s constantly evolving. And with that evolution, here’s a list of 15 best American streetwear brands around today:

  1. Supreme
People just have this obsession towards the OG red and white logo. Supreme is one of the brands which elevated street style in luxury fashion. Collaborating with high end brands like Rolex and Louis Vuitton, New York’s Supreme has integrated itself into the fabric of streetwear history. Supreme has earned its status as one of the most iconic streetwear brands of all time
  1. Off-White
Off-White is just as likely to be seen gracing runways of fashion week as it is to be on the backs of hype beasts, this brand is now responsible for streetwear’s takeover of the luxury world. The point of Off-White is to sit in between streetwear and luxury and he’s brought his aesthetic to more traditional menswear pieces.
  1. Fear of God
Fear of God’s designs represent streetwear’s signature style nowadays. This brand understands what the streetwear consumer wants but also giving them something they didn’t know existed. He creates new silhouettes and details that are frequently flipped and copied.
  1. John Elliot
John Elliot is a new brand surfacing in the world of streetwear. The brand’s Villain hoodie is one of its popular designs which is a classic hooded sweatshirt with zippers running up each side that’s perfect for layering. John Elliott is still the go-to option for a premium take on the “cozy boy” aesthetic that’s improved through his use of materials.
  1. Kith
The many-sided label boasts a retail space which houses some of the most popular names in the sneaker and streetwear world. Kith is best known for its logo-heavy, urban garments and limited-run of collaborations, with some pretty unexpected brands
  1. Stüssy
We all know that Supreme has always sitting on the number one seat for the biggest and most infamous American streetwear brand. But without the innovation and foresight of Shawn Stussy, it wouldn’t have be that way. Credited as the original streetwear label, Stüssy began as a small graphic tee brand in 1980.
  1. Cactus Plant Flea Market
This brand may be a relatively new brand, and an up-and-coming label even, but it’s definitely one to keep an eye on. In a little over a year, Cactus Plant Flea Market has eased its way into the spotlight as a streetwear brand, however hesitant Lu may be to step into the spotlight herself. By now, it’s been co-signed by Cara Delevingne, Travis Scott, Big Sean, and Tyler, the Creator.
  1. Noah
Founded by the Supreme’s former creative director, Brendon Babenzien, it’s not a surprise that Noah is such a in demand label. Not also that, Noah has remained at the forefront of New York streetwear.
In its infancy, GOLFWANG acted as a merch line of sorts for a young Tyler, the Creator and his Odd Future crew when their influence intruded the legendary Fairfax Avenue in the early 2010s. Known for its bright colors, cat logos, and its controversial graphics, Tyler’s early clothing reflected him that he is an off-the-wall, cockroach-eating teenager who captured the rap community’s attention back in 2011.
  1. 424
The inventor of this brand, Guillermo Andrade, is one of the designers expanding what streetwear can be. 424 is currently stocked at shops including Barneys New York and Selfridges. Each season Andrade pushes himself to better the collection and move into new categories like suiting, work with new fabrics, or scale up on his footwear production.
  1. Rhude
Rhude collected a cult following for its diverse yet comfortable pieces, but it might have experienced its most significant rise in 2018. Its T-shirts are emblazoned with bold graphics like screaming eagles and unicorns, while other options show off a classic streetwear go-to, logo flips of iconic branding like Marlboro and Honda.
  1. Awake
Awake is yet another New York-based label started by a former Supreme employee, Angelo Baque. The graphic T-shirt formula might be common, but Awake makes it seem fresh rather than recycled.
  1. Aimé Leon Dore
For anyone who grew up in the streetwear scene but is looking for a more mature option now that they’ve “grown out” of their favorite brands, Aimé certainly needs to be on your radar. The brand is delivering elevated sportswear pieces that are rooted in New York City culture.
  1. Carhartt WIP
Carhatt is known in the states for its workwear. The UK label also features more contemporary streetwear cuts with skate-centric direction.
  1. Undefeated
Season after season Undefeated produced streetwear basics and managed to bring as much energy to their apparel drops as their sneaker releases by partnering with the likes of Timberland, Bape, and Union on capsule collections.
Writer: Dela Naufalia Fitriani
Editor: Olivia Elen Hakim
Photos courtesy of Complex

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