2019’s Best Restaurant is Unbelievable

Who have ever wondered a small restaurant with only 20 seats inside could achieve the title of the best restaurant in 2019?

Located on the coast, two hours from Cape Town, South Africa you can try the best restaurant 2019 according to World Restaurant Awards 2019: Wolfgat!. The World Restaurant Awards is an alternative awards in the culinary field, other than Michelin. Receiving the award in Paris, Wolfgat—the name of the restaurant is built by a small team of six and serving seven-course menu for only $60 or about Rp 850.000.
The restaurant’s soft-spoken chef, Kobus van der Merwe stated that this year’s award recipients are chefs and restaurants from 10 countries in the Continent. This award not only focuses on food, but also provides unique appreciation such as No Required Ordering category, Out-of-Map Destinations, Tattoo-Free Chef, and the best Instagram account.

Are you guys interested to go to the best restaurant in 2019?


Source: Global Radio

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