2021 Is All About #realpeoplerealstyle with TFT INSIDERS

Coming up with a new theme ‘Real People, Real Style’ for its concept, The F Thing brings out a new content called TFT Insiders tthroughout 2021. TFT Insiders is all about originality, in style as well as in everything that real people do on a daily basis. Featuring all employees of The F Thing, we would like these people to be the ones who bring out the originality within the team.

TFT Insiders akan bercerita lebih mengenai job description setiap orang di belakang layar dan mencoba untuk menunjukan kalau penampilan sehari-hari yang dipakai oleh setiap dari mereka itu original dan perannya dalam pekerjaannya masing-masing. Setiap divisi akan menceritakan bagaimana originalitas dalam berkarya atau bekerja itu penting bagi mereka dan juga bagaimana cara mereka menampilkan versi original masing-masing. TFT Insiders will reveal their daily tasks in details such as going to meetings, doing photoshoots, and how will they dress for each occasion in office. They also will share some insightful tips and tricks how to stay original while you’re at work.
Akan ada juga Ask Brands yang adalah sebuah program especially made for brands in The F Thing. Through this program, we will talk about the brand’s success story and the team behind it. They will also share business insight, motivation and inspiration. The objective of this program is to expose all brands from The F Thing as well as giving new business insights and tips for the audience.
TFT Insiders and Ask Brands will be released on The F Thing’s social media accounts which are through Instagram (@thefthingworld) and also its YouTube account: The F Thing.

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