3 AM Musical Gem: Emir Hermono

If you’re an avid Spotify lover, chances are you’ll come across his name. Emir debuted as a producer and used to work behind the scenes for many artists, safe to say it has become a dream come true for this father of two to have his name known as a singer. Been collaborating with many talented musicians before like Rayi RAN, Ariel Nayaka, and Ramengvrl, Emir chose to show up with yet another talented artist, Alicia Amin in his recent song “SADD (Selalu Ada Di Dekatmu)”.

Congratulations on your latest single SADD with Alicia Amin! Tell us more, please.
“So SADD, I released it few months ago and it got it in two remixes, with Clevt and the other one with the local producer, CVX. Basically it’s about a toxic relationship, I think if you’re in a toxic relationship sometimes you know it’s poisonous for you and your wellbeing, but you’re always pulled back in whenever you’re trying to get out of.”

“The whole point of SADD (Selalu ada di dekatmu) is well– it kinda has a dark undertone, and the story is like you do want to get out from it but you always know in the back of your head that the toxic would always be there for you, with you and wherever you go, hence it’s selalu ada di dekatmu. It’s a very ironic song, and I think it’s one of my favorite songs that I’ve ever done in terms of melody and the impact to me personally.”

“Although it might not doing well compare to my other songs, but I really love the song and it reminds me to a lot of things in 2018 that I can reflect back, and as a producer I think I’ve matured and evolved enough in term of music quality and melody through this song.”

That indeed does sound a bit dark. Any personal story behind it?
“I think SADD is a very personal song to me at least, I’ve dealt with few emotional rollercoaster in 2018. Being in a toxic relationship doesn’t have to be exclusively in a romantic relationship, for me it’s also about a relationship of yours with the environment, or with a certain community, or a group of friend that you think it’s not really beneficial for you or maybe it’s just poisonous for you. You’re trying to get away from it, but at the same time it keeps on pulling you back in, and you’re kind of programmed to be always in this kind of relationship all the time, even though you wanna go out it’s already an eye-pack. So yeah that’s about it.”
How do you usually get your inspirations from?
“Usually from the things that I deal with or I’ve dealt it before, most relationships are not always about the romantic ones, but also relationships with friends or situations that I was in before. I always dug deep for every single inspiration that I found worth to be made a song out of.”

“I think the best way to come off as natural in producing my music is that I have to know that feel in some way, even though it doesn’t make sense. So I make sure that I’ve felt that feeling before and I project it into the music and it somehow makes it more believable and organic that people can relate to, they can feel and sense that it’s something organic and not something pretentious.”

“Though sometimes I also injected some fictional elements to it, but for the most part or at least for the foundation of it, it’s always something that I’ve encountered and experienced before. At least the song would be more meaningful for the audiences and for me as well, I always tried to make songs that people can relate to, especially the love songs. I like to write sad songs anyway so.”

What makes it different with your previous collab with Nayaka and Rayi in “SHE (On&On)”?
“I guess with Nayaka and Rayi before “SHE On&On”, I feel like it’s a reunion for us. I think I’m blessed to know and be able to work with them multiple times. I think Nayaka is a very talented human being as well, and for Rayi, I’ve been a fan of him since I was a kid, I grew up listening to RAN ever since I was a kid and to be able to know him personally—Rayi is one of the most nice persons I’ve ever met in my life. To be able being close to him and work with him, I kinda need to pinch myself sometimes, cause 10 years ago I would’ve never had imagined to have this kind of relationship with him, that is all thanks to the music. The difference with the collaboration lies on the genre, “SHE On&On” is a bit more upbeat and happier, while SADD is more personal to me too, and it’s one of the top three of the best songs I’ve ever made.”
Can we expect for another collaborations this year or an album maybe?
“I’ve been very busy for a lot of things in 2018, so this year I’m planning on making an album. I’m actually working on it as we speak and definitely more collaborations with some more talented Indonesian individuals to come, probably with those you’ve never heard yet cause I’d like to open a bigger platform for them even though mine is not that big.”
“However, I’d like to help whoever that I feel is talented to be like out there as well. For the album, I haven’t set the date yet for it though. I’ve done some songs that are gonna be on the album, but yeah I’m kinda still brainstorming with a lot of ideas and plans for this. So 2019 hopefully I’ll get my new album. Last year, it was my first time being nominated as the best R&B song with Rayssa Dynta, and I promised myself if I’ll ever get nominated again in any categories, well that’d be the best thing that I ever got cause I had no idea that I would go this far with music. I was that producer who only worked from behind the curtain, so to have people know my name for my works,–that’s far beyond my expectations. Whatever I get from this point, I’m gonna enjoy it while it lasts and be grateful for it.”

Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Galuh Tathya
Photos courtesy of Emir Hermono

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