3 FIlm Horor Terbaik di 2020

Kamu tau nggak kalau menonton film horor sebenarnya ada keuntungannya? Berdasarkan riset ilmiah, ada 5 keuntungannya. Dan untuk menguji ini, ada 3 film horor terbaik untuk kamu tonton.

Film horor membakar 200 kalori
Menonton film horor dengan durasi 90 menit ternyata mampu membakar 113 kalori, sama seperti membakar lemak dari 1 batang coklat yang udah kamu makan. Setara juga dengan jalan ringan selama 30 menit.
Helps you cope with anxiety
Merespon fight or flight memicu otak kita untuk meningkatkan adrenalin, glukosa, dan kortisol di tubuh. Kita juga sepenuhnya sadar bahwa ini hanya film, jadi bisa a bit detached from reality.
Meningkatkan fungsi otak
Ketika kita menonton film horor, otak kita melepaskan neurotransmitters yang meningkatkan aktivitas otak dan membuat kita jadi waspada.
Surprisingly, it boosts our immune system
Karena mengalami adrenaline rush, menonton film horor memicu sistem imun kita. Studi juga menunjukkan bahwa aktivitas sel darah putih kita meningkat ketika selesai menonton film horor.
Bisa menstimulasi DNA
Our current environment doesn’t prepare us to deal with extreme situations. But deep within our DNAs we have that urge to act, and watching horror movies aggravates it.
Nggak percaya? Coba tes dengan menonton 3 film ini:
  • The Rental
Dave Franco makes his directional debut with this creepy, goosebump-inducing film about two couples who take a weekend getaway to the coast. Not long after settling into the place, the foursome grows suspicious that someone is spying on them and have to get out before it’s too late.

  • The Green Knight

In this retelling of the Arthurian legend, Sir Gawain (Patel), King Arthur’s nephew, embarks on an epic journey to face the Green Knight, a beast, and the ultimate test of men. Naturally, many other medieval things get in the middle of this quest ranging from ghosts to giants. (It was supposed to be the summer of Dev Patel, and we were ROBBED!)

  • Antebellum

The producer of Get Out and Us returns with another psychological horror-thriller, and it seems to follow the same creepy, socially telling vein. This one takes place in the Civil War era and follows Veronica Henley (Janelle Monáe) as she seems to be stuck in some time warp between the past and the present. The trailer also features a little girl in a pale yellow dress, which can never be a good sign.

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