3 Home-based Sports That You Can Do During Ramadan

Fasting in Ramadan is not a reason to be lazy to exercise every day. Why? Because keeping regular exercise during your fast can have an impact on health and fasting itself.

Fitness Trainer Annissa Munaf stated that exercising while fasting can optimize the benefit of fasting in terms of health, specifically losing weight since according to meta-analysis, fasting can help you lose your weight, up to 1.2-1.5 kilos.
These are the three types of sports that can be done at home during fasting:
Everybody desires forĀ  eliminating fat and have an ideal body or diet. Push-ups can be one of the lightweight exercises that support your health programs during Ramadan. Routine movement to raise the body and suppress the body with the focus of the wrist can eliminate fat around the buttocks, pelvis and arms.
This one movement has many benefits to the body health. In addition, squatting also a simple movement but falls under the full body workout, which does not require any equipment to do so and you can lose your weight easily.
Mountain Climbing
Mountain climbing is one of the full body workout exercises that is very good for burning body fat with a shorter duration. In addition other than burning calories, this exercise also have many other benefits such as forming a six-packed torso, building muscle strength, improving flexibility, blood circulation, and overall body strength.
Source: iNews

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