3 Inspirations for Home Office

When working at home, sometimes the house can be all cluttery because there are so many things and so few storages. Why not have a desk for yourself and a bit of storage here and there for yourself?

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Work the desk!
But before that, there are some hacks you can apply to create that home office feel. First of all, pick 3 basic colors that you’d like to dominate. Our choice? White, rose gold, and marbles. Now, after you install your own desk, make sure to buy a rug preferably a larger size than your desk. The rug is to mark your territory of home office.

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Work the shelves!
After buying the right rug, it’s time for the stationeries. Pick the ones that are based on the 3 appointed color scheme earlier. Touches like pillow, frames, artificial flowers, to the pens and pencils are crucial in creating the kind of cozy vibe. What’s more interesting is to make shelves for yourself. Try not to paint them in various colors, you wouldn’t want to be distracted by the explosion of colors on daily basis as you work, would you?

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Work the wall!
Lastly, it’s the creative touch. Make your own board, to glue whatever you think is important. From post-it notes, photos, quotes, calendar, past birthday cards, to even as random as throwing feathers or fabrics. Keep in mind, all are drawn from the 3 previous colors.

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Have fun!

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