3 Reasons You Should Visit Sumba According to Nicholas Saputra

Who can resist Sumba Island’s beautiful scenery? The breathtaking picturesque attracts many tourists, both local as well as international tourists. The idea of spending your summer in the trending place isn’t complete without listening to its expert: Nicholas Saputra. The actor first visited Sumba Island 7 years ago and has since kept flying back and forth to the said island. We bet, apart from the fascinating landscape, he falls in love with everything about it.

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Nicho’s devotion and adoration towards the Island got him as the brand ambassador for Nihiwatu Sumba Resort, which is the best hotel and resort according to Travel-Leisure. Therefore, he recently shared 3 reasons why you should visit Sumba Island.



Of course, it is! According to Ada Apa Dengan Cinta actor, Sumba has the perfect beach to surf. Its south beach has the best spot for surfing.

Indigenous Culture

The cultural background is probably the best appeal from Sumba. Nicho shared that in Sumba, the locals still hold firm to its culture and tradition.

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It’s not like you can find a savanna everywhere in Indonesia, but Sumba has it all. That large meadow is one of the main attractions from the island, according to Nicholas Saputra. Besides, it’s very safe and comfortable for tourists who come over to the savanna.

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Source: Okezone

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