3 Signs that Love Halloween so Much

Even though people always celebrate Halloween on October, doesn’t mean 1st of November  is lacking in horror atmosphere.

No matter how you spend your Halloween wether it’s out and about drinking horror-themed liquor or stay at home marathon on scary movies, Halloween is indeed a fun affair.
Halloween might not be for everyone as some can’t even sleep with the lights off. But there are some signs that are enthusiastic about the holiday. It allows them to do all sorts of their guilty pleasures.
In the spirit of Halloween, we will discuss which 3 signs that loves Halloween sometimes a tad too much,
Gemini, the twins, the one who seems to switch from one to the other. You have multiple interest and love the idea of alter egos. As a mercurial air sign, you thrive in connecting with other minds, and partake in innocent barter. The idea of dressing up while acting as others is so appealing you wouldn’t miss it for the world.
Making an entrance is your vibe and nothing speaks to you as much as others attention. Inside you might actually be a repressed artist that doing Halloween is one of your way to create art. Playing dress up gives you opportunity to become creative out of working environment.
The signs everyone says is scary will of course make the list.  Aside from celebrating your solar return, this holiday speaks to you so much as it is dark and mysterious. Just like you. You cant help but swoon over the idea of spooky with the enigmatic persona.
Writer: Ervina Michelle Liem
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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