3 Signs That Moved On Easily

As people grow older, they will certainly experience heart break.

It might not necessarily be about love but let’s face it, broken by your first crush is such a common thing we all can relate. Getting over someone can be a piece of cake by some people but many find it hard to let go as they become too emotionally attached.
Those whose been hurt might don’t want to love again while some are always ready to mingle. Don’t get me wrong, being sad is a natural thing and can actually be a good thing. You can reflect on things that matters more, what goes wrong and console yourself with some ice cream is nothing bad. But, at some point you do have to stop and move on with your life – your ex may have been doing it way before you. Take some lesson from these 3 signs who are known to pass the moving on quiz with flying colors.
July 23 – August 22
Those you are blessed with confidence like Leo will focus on rebuilding themselves as they are out of relationship. They mourn but not for long, loss and heartbreak will give them lessons and made them more conscious of their own self. Talking about self-love! Leo won’t be able to hold onto negativity for long because other’s might already being drawn to them.
March 20 – August 21
Aries are a fixer uppers,but if their partner left them they might see no point on pushing the relationship to work. They will surely fix themselves and their surroundings to be a positive environment. Above all, they don’t like to be hold down so they strive to move forward. Plus, in their heart, they know the sooner they are free the sooner they will find more happiness.
November 22 – December 21
Carefree is my middle name – says a Sagittarius. They feel like it’s natural for a thing to have it’s season, so when the season has passed why waste the energy to mourn? Sagittarius know that things aren’t meant to last forever and have to be cherished while they can. If they are the one who is broken up with, it’ll sting but they will be fine in no time with numerous other waiting in line.


Writer: Ervina Michelle Liem
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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