3 Signs You are Not Ready for a Relationship

The society often delivers some unwritten messages when and how people should be dating, and why dating could be the other milestone someone needs to achieve by certain age.

And when you are still single, they would make you think that there’s something wrong with you. But is it really the reason why you’re still single?
Being in a relationship is not solely about wanting to be in one, but also ready to be in a relationship. It is normal to prioritize other things than being in a relationship, but if you’re still wondering why you’re still single, here are 3 signs that you are not ready for a relationship:
  • You refuse to have some changes with other person
Being single for far too long requires another adjustment before finally commit to another person, and that could make you a little frazzle. But if you’re willing to spare some spaces in your routine for a new person then you’re ready for a relationship, thus vice versa.
  • You think that a relationship can fix your loneliness
Loneliness, like a serious drug, will cloud your judgment in dating. You sacrifice your values and principles and overlook relationship deal breakers for the sake of not being lonely, and if you’re doing so then you need to learn how to resolve your loneliness first before dating someone new.
  • You’re focusing on yourself too much
Everyone deserve a good person, and such thought will blow your standard up too high, you think people are expendable then make yourself be the miserable one for not having the best one on your side and that is the problem in you. You’re too anxious and it makes you far from being optimistic for being deserved to be loved. Open yourself more, let the world shines into you, and that is when you ready for a new beginning.


Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Source: psychcentral, psychologytoday

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