3 Tips Atasi Muka Berminyak Para Cowok

Tenang dulu, mayoritas kulit cowok memang berminyak jadi nggak perlu pusing.

Mengutip cardonformen, “Contrary to what you might think, face oil is actually a good thing. We need that oil, or sebum, to help nourish and moisturize both skin and hair. However, having too much of it can lead to clogged pores, pesky breakouts, or feeling like you have a greasy film over your face.”
Kalau salah pakai skincare, efek bisa berkepanjangan. Regardless of why your skin gets excessively oily, we have just the right face wash for you. Dan ada langkahnya.
Pertama, bersihkan muka.
“Washing your face of existing grime and oil buildup, it becomes easier to apply the rest of the products in the routine, and makes those products more effective. The best cleanser for oily skin will work harder than other options to flush away the oil from the surface of the skin, and to pull oil from the pores.”
Kedua, pakai toner.
Ini produk yang jarang dipakai para cowok. Jadi gini, guys, toner adalah produk yang dipakai setelah cuci muka karena mampu menyeimbangkan kadar pH supaya mengurangi produksi minyak berlebih. A toner exists almost solely to achieve this balance, regulate oil production, and in turn keep skin clear, matte, and smooth. 
Terakhir, pakai krim.
Peduli sama kulit nggak membuat kamu kecewek-cewekan, kok. Self care is the best care. It’s a common myth that people with oily skin don’t need to moisturize. Moisturizers sit on top of the skin like a shield, and they keep harmful toxins and pollutants from taking residence in the pores.

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