4 Alasan Kenapa Body Lotion Itu Penting

Mulai dari memanjakan diri, membuat kulit lebih lembab, mencegah kulit kering, banyak banget manfaat body lotion yang secara umum udah kita ketahui. As we age, the elasticity in our skin will gradually reduce, as is its moisture level. To prevent dry skin, your must-have beauty item to bring in your bag has got to be body lotion. One of the local brands that support all kinds of skin and is currently most-sought after is Scarlett Whitening Body Lotion!

To quote Everydayhealth.com, top 4 reasons on why you should defo bring body lotion everyday in your bag are:
  • Re-hydrate dried skin
People who work in harsh climates often apply body lotion on a regular basis, perhaps even daily. Skin that is chapped or dried from wind, cold, or heat can be hard to treat with regular cosmetics. Some people have sensitive skin. No matter which type of climate they live in, their skin can become dry and irritated easily, sometimes even from indoor heat. Quality body lotion, applied after each shower or bath, can help to seal moisture deep in the skin to keep it hydrated and supple. It may not be a bad idea to keep a bottled of your favorite scented body lotion on hand for an after-bath application.
  • Replenish extra dry or rough spots on the skin
Even if your normal skin type is oily or normal, you might have rough areas on your body, like around the elbows or knees that could benefit from skin lotion applications after a bath or at bedtime. With regular use, a replenishing lotion can ease rough skin and make it as smooth and silky as the rest of your body.
  • Smooth calluses
If you are on your feet quite a bit you may have developed rough calluses that are painful and unsightly. A moist body lotion can make these areas supple and help you to remove the dead skin easier than if you attempted it without lotion. If your calluses appear discolored, swollen, or have red streaks running from them, check with your doctor rather than trying to remove them yourself.
  • Make your skin glow
Now you can buy some kinds of lotion that add glimmer and shimmer to your skin tone. Brightening qualities are sometimes embedded in lotion to show up as tiny sparkling flecks on the skin when applied. Some cosmetic lotions can brighten the skin to remove dull, dead flakes and rejuvenate underlying tissues.

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