4 Kepribadian Cowok Berdasarkan Jam

“Like the car he drives and the whisky he drinks, a man’s choice of wristwatch says a lot about his character,” as The Gentleman’s Journal said. Coba tebak, kamu tipe yang mana berdasarkan jam yang kamu pakai?


Si Klasik/Pecinta Seni
Kalau kamu tipe yang suka pakai jam dengan gelang dari kulit asli dan sepuhan emas asli di badan jam, kamu masuk di tipe klasik. This is the type of man who values craftsmanship above everything else, sekilas terlihat biasa, it’s what’s within that matters. You’re a thinker, you like simplicity. Kamu hanya akan menghaburkan uang bila kamu rasa sangat amat worth it, you crave perfection. Yet you’re also humble and to you, other’s opinions don’t matter if they don’t know you well enough.

United Polo Classic – Black

Si Petualang/Aktif
Kamu selalu melihat segala sesuatu dalam jangka panjang. To you, life is about daring adventures. You like to think like Indiana Jones or James Bond. Kalau nggak ada tantangan, bagi kamu hidup itu hampa. Dan kamu adalah tipe yang selalu bisa diandalkan, selalu punya ide-ide kreatif dan brilian. You’re impulsive, but at the same time you pay attention to every little details.

Nautica – Blue

Si Gaya
There’s nothing more important than being respected, according to you. You like the subtle details and numerals in your watch, clearly you have an eye for style and quality. Kamu suka menjadi pusat perhatian karena kamu tahu persis kamu bekerja keras untuk diakui banyak orang. You’re persistent and consistent in what you do in life, that makes you to be the best version of yourself. You never give up once you put your mind to it.

United Polo – Gold

Si Diam
Ini tipe yang paling misterius. Si diam-diam menghanyutkan. You live life casually, minding your own business. Namun pada saat bersamaan, kamu pekerja keras once you’ve found your passion or something to put your heart in. Kamu suka mengecoh orang dengan sifat diam kamu. Once people get to know you, they’re stuck with you because they’ve found a friend for life.

Nautica – Brown

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