4 Toothsome Christmas Dishes

Christmas is not complete without some mouthwatering foods, and we are here to offer you some of the best Christmas dishes you can prepare on the special holiday!

We are one month away from Christmas—which means it is time to get our Christmas spirit up! There’s probably no better way to do it but with practicing some of the best Christmas dishes because like what people said, practice makes perfect. Here are the must-cook foods that you can try for the 25th:

Attention to all beef lovers! Besides being one of the easiest Christmas dishes to prepare, it is one of the most delicious too. All you need to do is cut the lean beef tenderloin, rub it down in herbaceous garlic paste and sear it for a bit in a hot pan before roasting it for 35 to 40 minutes. A good choice of sauces such as red wine sauce and horseradish cream sauce will also help bring you to cloud nine.

This classic dish is nothing but perfect for Christmas. It can be enjoyed in the morning or night, whenever you want it.  Although it comes with a dozen of variations, extra frothy and light with whipped egg whites one is the best. The sweet taste will take you Christmas spirit to another level for sure. As long as you have eggs, sugar, milk, and cream, you can have it whenever the craving hits.

If you consider taking a more healthy approach, consider Pomegranate Quinoa Pilaf. Not only does it taste fantastic, but it is also takes minimal effort to make. The bright pomegranate seeds and scallions will never fail to brighten up your holiday table. Adding a bit of lemon can turn this into a great option for salad too!

Cheese, bacon, and potato can never go wrong. Combining three of them with onion, garlic, and a few more seasonings, then you can already feed your hungry stomach. What made this scrumptious food even more amazing is that it can easily be made a day ahead. Put it into the fridge and you can warm it for the next day.

Source: Highendteen

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