4 Zodiac Signs That’s Most Likely Addicted to Korean Dramas

In this past few years, Korean drama has become something most people have been addicted to. This Korean drama fever often makes some of it watchers difficult to sleep and have puffy eyes from crying and even binge watching too match of these dramas.

Out of the 12 zodiac signs, these are the 4 that most addicted to ‘DraKor’:
  1. Libra
Libra who is known to be very picky in choosing stuff, but for Korean dramas, it’s the other way around. When Libra is addicted to a particular something, they would do anything to get what they want. They like to have their feelings mixed, laughing to crying, and laugh again when they watch these Korean dramas that made them addicted a lot. Even they would learn Korean language just to understand the conversation more.
  1. Cancer
Don’t be fooled by the Cancers’ appearance who always want to look strong and independent in the outside. Actually, Cancers are very sensitive and easily carried away by their emotions. They always listen to what their hearts say and always want to have a special relationship with people around them. Korean dramas would make them immerse into watching them because they think by watching these dramas it could answer what they question in their relationships.
  1. Pisces
Pisces and Korean dramas are just the right match. Pisces’ who are imaginative and sensitive will be lulled by melancholy Korean dramas. Pisces can even reach to the sadness of the main character. Even listening and understanding the meaning of the soundtrack songs would make them cry. Pisces would even change their ideal type for characters from these dramas.
  1. Leo
Behind their stubborn nature, Leos are also known to be romantic. They love to be treated special and given surprises that would make them smile for days. Thanks to their ambitious self, Leo would stay up late so they won’t miss their favorite Korean dramas when they air. They won’t hesitate to tell their significant others that they want to be treated like how the girls treated by the men of dramas
Writer: Dela Naufalia Fitriani
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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