5 Awesome-ness You’ll Get with Google Lens

The Lens apps is here already on the Google Play Store. Have you understood all the awesomeness of this latest feature? Let’s learn the tricks!

Your Personal Architecture Guide 
Wanna’ know more about a historical building at your town? Snap it with the Google Lens, and voile, all the information about the site will be there at your phone. Same principle applies to historical paintings or art pieces at local museum.

Be a Botanist
…in an instance! Amazes your boys with your new-found ability to identify all the magnificent creatures of the nature – both flora and fauna. Try it yourself at local zoo.

Event Organizing 
Snap a pic of an upcoming event flyer you’d like to attend via Google Lens, and it will be archived automatically at your calendar. Furthermore, the apps will prepare all the technical details you’ll need for the event, including maps of the venue and URL to the event’s site.

Copy and Paste
Place the camera in front of a text and it will be copied straight to your clipboard. If the text’s in foreign language, search and translation service is also available.

Scan Business Card
Here’s one of the most celebrated feature – Google Lens can scan on a business card and reformat it into a new entry on your contact book. Exclusively on Android!


Source: iNews
Photo courtesy of Raidious

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