5 Best Cities with the Best Street Foods

It’s like we already know that travel and food can’t be separated. That’s why you need to know what kind of local food that you want to try in every country you visit. Because let’s be real, sometimes we fall in love with one culture through the street or local food. In case you’re wondering where to go and what to eat, here we compile 5 cities with the best street food.

Copenhagen, Denmark

When you’re having a Europe trip, try to visit food markets in Copenhagen because it’s brilliant for many reasons. The city has a biggest food market in the country, it’s called Copenhagen Street Food. You can try everything from duck fat fries, seasonal handmade sandwich, to vegan Columbian cooking. Drooling already?

Palermo, Italy

Tell us what’s better than Italian food? Located in the central Mediterranian Sea, Palermo is the capital city of Sicily. Yay for seafood! Beside fancy fishy, try some arancini; a rice ball stuffed with meat sauce and cheese, the delicious panelle; chick pea fritters, and an authentic Sicilian pizza.

Tokyo, Japan

Sure the city has many Michelin-starred restaurants, but do you know what’s better than that? Tokyo night market. When you’re feeling okay with sushi or ramen, or udon, go strolling around Shinjuku and find the best Japanese street food. Start from yakitori, tamagoyaki, dorayaki, ikayaki, dango, to kakigori – they are all ready to fill your tum-tum.

Baltimore, USA

We can’t leave Uncle Sam’s country to this list. There is this one big food market in Baltimore which already there since 200 years ago. No kidding. What makes the market worth to visit is the difference of foods that it’s provide. More than 100 different vendors serve creative, fun, and authentic foods.

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

When you hear this city, one thing that will show up in your mind is its delicious street food. Without even thinking twice, all you wanna do in Yogyakarta is devouring gudeg, sate klatak, sego pecel, and the hippest gelato place, Tempo del Gelato. Or the easiest way? Go to Malioboro street at night and find anything you want to eat in Yogyakarta.

And the most important thing when you’re travelling is you have to wear something comfortable. Simple t-shirt and hoodie and comfortable pants are your best choice to feel comfortable enough for strolling around the city but still look chic as ever.


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