5 Best Essential Oils for Your Mental Wellness

Essential oils have been around for centuries and have recently become popular again these days. And here we pick the best essential oils that are good for your mental wellness.

Between your packed schedules every single day, it’s obvious that you will crave for a consistent way to unwind and let yourself get it back together. Proven to promote a natural way to ease anxiety, relaxation, soothe coughing and congestion, and also good to improve the quality of sleeping, essential oils are one of the simplest ways to shut off the day in the most tranquil way possible. Though essential oils can’t be the replacement for medical advice, they are indeed a therapy to promote mental wellness.
  • Australian Sandalwood
Woody and sweet, Australian Sandalwood promotes the aroma that will make you feel relax and intoxicated in some ways. Men usually love this scent as it’s pretty strong but very calming indeed.
  • Cedarwood
Cedarwood is found to have stress-relieving properties, hence, it’s highly recommended for you have a very stress day at school or work. Inhaling cedarwood is proven through a study that is effective to improve performance and focus, also useful to treat symptoms of depression.
  • Chamomile
Though it’s often used to treat physical symptoms, chamomile has another purpose on increasing motivation, healing the anxiety feelings, and helping in digestive issues. It definitely has so many purposes that you’ll fall for it instantly.
  • Lavender
One of the most commonly used essential oils out there. Lavender is soft, very pleasing, and reassuring as well. A study shows that lavender that is used in office and hospital, encourage their workers and the patients to ease nervousness and anxiety. Also, it can be a big help for you whose got issues in having a good quality of sleeping.
  • Blue Tansy
Blue tansy has a sweet fruity sense in it, it promotes emotional stability, calms your mind, and definitely helps you to be more relax. It’s recommended to be inhaled during pregnancy as it fights tension and anxiety as well.
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Source: Burningtree, Bustle

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