5 Best Glamping Spots in Bandung

Lebaran Holiday is over, but no reason for holiday blues! You know, you can always get a one-day escape to Bandung to refresh your mind, body and soul. Here’s how to join the glamping trend in Bandung.


Legok Kondang Lodge

Glamping spots in Ciwidey which boasts five-star amenities in a breezy environment; they have 19 luxurious tents that guarantee tranquil surrounding. The view is magnificent as it’s nested between hills and make a wonderful place to watch the sunrise.

 Pine Forest Camp

One of the most popular camping sites in West Java, the crowd revered the place for it’s signature pine surroundings and the many varieties of out-bond and off-road activities offered. Located in northern Bandung at 1.200 mdpl height, the place is recommended if you’re new to glamping concept.

Glamping Lakeside Rancabali

Here’s the couple’s favorite for quality time together! Located in the famous Situ Patenggang, Rancabali, they offer a magnificent lakeside experience. The glamping site is built in a way that makes you feel like living in a ship.

Trizara Resort

Have you ever tried glamping in Lembang? The high geographical location gives calming sensation, especially if you’re really into cold air. Many honeymooners love the place, lots of couple had their wedding at the hilly chapel, but it’s also great for those who are looking for an escape from daily rut.


The Lodge Maribaya

Then of course this list won’t be complete without the Instagram sensation: The Lodge Maribaya! Mainsteam as it is, Maribaya still the best spot if you’re traveling with families (and children!). Besides glamping, you can indulge in trekking, archery of going off-road with their rented Land Rover.



Source: Okezone 

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