5 Best Things to do in Iceland

Become the hot topic between travelers, the Iceland is in everyone’s Bucket List right now. The snow-covered country is rich in nature. There are activities that will take you to the heart of this most unique of destinations. You can explore the inside of volcanoes, clamber over glaciers, or simply soak in a thermal pool.

Take to the Ice

Ice puts on quite the show in Iceland. You can climb over it or under it. Or maybe watch it crash into the sea. Stroll along the moraines and gaze at the icebergs as they drift by and out to sea. Magnificent!

Watch the Northern Lights

Between September and April, Iceland is one of the best places to observe the Aurora. The country is also one of the most stylish places to observe the lights. Hotels dotted around the country are designed with Aurora viewing.

Sailing with Whales

In Húsavík, you have the best chances of seeing whales. Look out for for minke whales and white-beaked dolphins – humpbacks and giant blues sometimes turn up too.

Hike Landmannalaugar

Landmannalaugar is famous for its spectacular hiking trails. This hiking hub is situated in the southern part of Iceland’s highlands, near the volcano Hekla. Hiking here allows visitors to take in the vivid multi-colored mountains and vast lava fields in the area.

Take a Dip in a Thermal Pool

Icelandic folk have been bathing outdoors in thermal pools since Viking times. It would be remiss of you not to join in, either as a surreal way to spend a dark winter’s day, or to unwind after a strenuous hike. The Blue Lagoon, with its vividly colored water, is the most famous of Iceland’s pools. Purchase new swimwear to dive in the thermal pool at The F Thing!


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