5 Busiest Airports in the World

In 2017 alone, international tourist arrivals surpassed 1.3 billion numbers and that’s why air travel worldwide is likely to double over the next two decades. And with that, airports need to keep up and invest big in better transportation connections. Some people actually spend some time at the airport and it makes the world’s busiest airports by passenger volume offer some spots to be explored. Check out these top 5 busiest airports and their new technologies inside!

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
With 104 million passenger annually, it offers an art exhibition with diverse works such as media mural by local artists. Chicago artist Steve Waldeck with his work ‘Flight Paths’ holds the largest public art project in the city’s history.

Beijing Capital International Airport
Through the year, there are 96 million passenger go through the airport. In the midst of the bustle, you can stroll through the miniature imperial garden that imitates the Summer Palace. Plus, the management provides free fish food so you can feed the pond’s creatures. Yay!

Dubai International Airport
As the home to one of the world’s largest airport retail spaces, this airport receives around 88 million passengers annually. With those numbers, we aren’t surprised that you can do serious shopping inside the airport – we mean, the luxury indulgences are all tax-free!

Los Angeles International Airport
Just because it’s located in Los Angeles, there is a friendly play area for children in the Great Hall which dubbed as LAX Beach, where waves, surfboards, and dolphins are ready to be climbed. Or else you can grab sandwiches for an impromptu family picnic.

Tokyo Haneda International Airport
What’s best from Japan other than their cuisine? 85 million passengers are passing through per year and they’re spoiled by old-Tokyo style sushi spot in Terminal 1. Don’t fancy raw fish? The airport offers Japanese best dishes from ramen to udon, and even sake to wash it down.

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