5 Challenges You Need to Expect in a Long Distance Relationship

Relationship is a hell of a ride to maintain, and a long distance one is definitely more than that. If you’re about to be in a long distance relationship, here are 5 challenges that you need to expect:

In making a two-way communication is by having it in words, voice, and body language, however due to distance in between, body language is hard to earn, thus the energies emitted by emotions are lacking which led to a miscommunication.
Lack of physical intimacy
When a couple is physically separated, daily routines can be messed up due to the demands of the relationship. Lack of physical intimacy can cause dilemmas for couple and make each of them wrapped in loneliness or even frustration. Increase the video call routines can help you to feel his presence through the distance.
Unnecessary jealousy
Distance is the easiest target for jealousy and insecurity to run uncontrolled. Between time differences, each partner got into a whole new to adjust to and sometimes it can make the other party feel left out and jealousy arises. Jealousy needs to be talked out and not being kept inside, hence try to engage more about each other’s updates so the couples will not feel out of the box anymore.
Trust Issues
It’s very understandable if a couple starts having a trust issue during a LDR, the lack of communication may be the cause for this, therefore each party need to open up more to one another, avoid putting each other in different place and keep them on going with your life, it will make them trust you and got no worries about you both being apart.
Time is often being unfair to couple in a LDR, different schedules and time zone make couples find it hard to find a common time to sit down and reunite. However, it can work out if both parties put their effort into it, communicate with each other and find the best time that match your schedules.
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Source: psychology today

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