5 Drops This Month – Women Essentials

As you guys know that these drops are based on the current trend that’s happening, we hacked the style from some top celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Vanessa Hudgens, Angelina Jolie, BLACKPINK’s Rosé, and Jessica Alba and collected these 5 drops.

Drop yang pertama adalah topi dari brand lokal Elf. Nggak cuma cowok yang bisa pull off topi baseball seperti ini, buktinya Rosie selalu nyaman memakai topi baseball ini yang cocok digunakan untuk aktivitas apapun. Kalau cek di Instagramnya (@roses_are_rosie), Rosie sering banget memakai topi ini kalau lagi nyantai dan nggak manggung.
Second, is one of the most important essential for most women, which is this clutch sling bag from Jims Honey. Contemporary women often go for the most convenient style rather than branching out to more unusual items. Coba liat aja dari stylenya Kylie yang selalu memakai sling bag setiap tertangkap paparazzi.
Ketiga adalah white linen blazer dari The F Thing’s own brand Figure. It’s no big secret that a blazer is a go-to weapon in every fashion girl’s styling arsenal and the color white is just making it as versatile as your old-favorite black jacket style. Nah, spesial untuk Disney star yang terkenal dari fashion style boho chicnya ini, from edgy to bohemian, Vanessa has been blowing us away with her amazing versatility in dressing herself. And this is how she served us looks with a white blazer.
Next is red moisturizing lipstick from Inez Cosmetics. Quoting from the lipstick queen herself, “Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world.” Dan kalau udah ngomongin red lipstick, it’s impossible not to mention the one who’s beauty signature is by now well-known to be a statement lip, which is Angelina Jolie.
Last but not least, is Yukata outer from Show The Monster.  One of the latest trends includes wearing a kimono jacket or yukata outer to loose fitting jackets which are based on the old Japanese clothing. Cocok buat dipakai keluar rumah dan tetap merasa nggak gerah. Contoh aja Jessica Alba yang memakai yukata outer sebagai her go-to fashion item karena nyaman untuk dia pakai kemana aja.

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