5 Facts of Justice League That You Need to Know

DC fans unite, it’s time to go big with another instalment from DCEU. Let’s hope it goes with a huge bang that it surpasses the previous success of Wonder Woman. Can we talk briefly on how DC movies have progressed so far though? Since the failure of various DC instalment franchise, definitely looking at you Green Lantern and Suicide Squad, DC has redeemed itself thanks to Nolan’s The Dark Night, Snyder’s Man of Steel, and of course the aforementioned Wonder Woman. Gearing up for the latest and the most anticipated DC movie is Avenger’s archnemesis Justice League and brace yourself with these top 5 facts.

1. There were 7 original members

From the trailer, we can obviously see the frontmen and woman of the movie. From Aquaman, Cyborg, The Flash, Batman, to Wonder Woman, all looked super badass. Though if you’re a DC fan, you’ll notice straight away the missing cast:  Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter. Well, since the relaunch of “The New 52” issue of DC Comics, Martian is no longer the founding member of JL. His role is replaced by Cyborg. As for the Green Lantern, after the much talked about failure of Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern, apparently Snyder won’t be joining the Lantern Corps feature in Justice League movie anytime soon. Seeing as JL will launch in 2018 and followed by The Flash in 2019. So far, no news for Green Lantern. Fingers crossed in 2020?

2. The NEW 52

Now, after we mentioned in the first point about the relaunch of The New 52, did you know that Snyder is heavily influenced by the reboot comic?

3. Superman: The Man of Steel

Rumor has it, the old reference from the 1993 Superman shows that Superman can be brought back to life simply from the sun. Wait, did we just give away a spoiler? Well, oops.

4. Ben Affleck vs Zack Synder

Originally Ben Affleck was considered as the director for The Justice League movie, but shortly after the success of the Man of Steel, Zack Synder was easily handed again the reins to continue another DC movie.

5. And then there were two…?

Although Justice League was initially announced as a two-part film with the second part releasing two years after the first, Snyder announced in June 2016 that they would be two distinct, separate films and not one film split into two parts, both being stand-alone stories.

Writer: Hadi Sutanto
Editor: Galuh Tathya

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