5 Food that are Scientifically Proven to Make You Happy

Feeling blue? Gobble up with some food that contains tryptophan – a certain amino acid that’s scientifically proven to help make you feel more happy and cheerful. Here’s the list of such much-needed delicacies:

1. Dark Chocolate
Contains lots of antioxidant, dark chocolate naturally boost your mood due to its N-acylethanolamine; it helps stimulate the brain to release endorphines. Chocolate is also known to boost immune, good for the heart and help guard your cognitive system.

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2. Avocado
When life gives you lemon…go grab an avocado! Rich in Omega-3 and vitamin B3, the fruit boost serotonin and will make you happy. And it’s also healthy!

3. Cherry Tomate
A good source of lycopene, the fruit is high in antioxidant – the combo makes a great way to combat depression, according to scientists.

Don’t go nuts, just eat it! All kinds of nuts is good for you since they’re rich in vitamin B, omega 3 and zinc. It’s proven that people feel happier and less stressful after consuming walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, etc.


5. Milk
Remember seeing baby gets calm after a bottle of warm milk? Yes, milk contains ‘happy hormon’ that help regulate your mood. The protein within can give a calming effect to your body.


Source: Okezone

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