5 K-Dramas You Need to Watch This Month

Many people said that Korean drama was the open-door to anything Korean related. And every year, the drama industry serves you tons of good dramas. On the first-half of this year alone, there were more than 30 drama aired on the television. And entering for this month alone, we gather Korean drama list that you should watch. With the variety of genres, it will result the roster of TV series each week to be exciting. To complement the romantic mood of autumn, romance themed stories still dominate the roster with a few thriller narratives. These are 5 K-Dramas You Need to Watch This Month.

The Beauty Inside

Based on a high concept movie of the same title, The Beauty Inside will be tweaked to reverse the gender. So it will the woman character, Seo Hyun Jin, who experiences the supernatural fate. The fun part of the romance is that Lee Min Ki will portray as a manager who suffers a facial recognition disorder. It provides an adorable narrative bend to his interaction with the face-changing heroine.

Where The Stars Land

Lee Je Hoon is up to play as an employee of an aviation company’s operational planning team who has a dream to become a pilot. And there is Chae Soo Bin, a rising actress, who is a perfectionist but makes a lot of mistakes due her clumsy nature. The drama will revolves around the lives of employees at Incheon International Airport.

Bad Papa

Korean veteran actor, Jang Hyuk, challenges an emotional role of a character who struggles to keep his family affair. He portrays a once best boxer who lost all his money and honor. Shin Eun Soo and Kim Jae Kyung join the actor in the melodrama.

Ms. Ma, Nemesis

Based on the mystery novels of Agatha Christie about fictional character ‘Miss Marple’, the drama narrates the story of a woman, Kim Yu Jin, in despair to find out the real person who killed her daughter. Kim Yu Jin is a famous as a regular cast member of American series, Lost and Mistresses.

Matrimonial Chaos

The drama threads on a romantic-comedy note that answer the question like “Is marriage the perfection of love?” It targets a delightful depiction of how men and women perceive love, marriage, and family relationship differently. Cha Tae Hyun and Bae Doo Na will play as the main characters and we just can’t wait to see Korean best actor and actress act together.



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