5 Low-Cost Date Ideas in Bandung

Following our previous article about the “low-cost” dating spots in Jakarta, now we’d like to introduce you to other cost-friendly dating spots, in Bandung.

Bandung city is known for a lot of things, for the art deco architecture that grazed the city’s interiors, for its culinary–from the street food to the fine dining above the hills, and also for its aesthetic hang out spots. To make it short, Bandung city is a potpourri of fancy things, and low-cost date ideas are definitely some of them. And here are some of them:
  • Orchid Forest Cikole
Open everyday, from 9 am to 6 pm on weekdays and 8 am to 7 pm on weekends. Get your entrance ticket for only Rp 30.000


  • Ranca Upas
Watching the sunrise and sunset with the friendly deers by your side is available at Ranca Upas by Perhutani. Few km away from Bandung but worth every minute you spend there.
A very instagrammable cafe that is designed with wooden picnic chairs and is lodged away on the top of the cliff. Delivers a great quality of food and an irreplaceable ambience.
One of the most must-sees cafes in the city. Provided an open space deck that is amazing for sunset gazing, a high-ceiling space for you to look around the arts space, and enjoy your diner with your loved ones.
A restaurant with simply elegant design which brings not only great food and beverage, but also a beautiful ambiance.

Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati

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