5 Meanings Behind a Girl’s “It’s Fine”

We all have experienced that moment when our woman says “It’s fine,” when she actually means the total opposite of it. And here are five actual meanings behind her “fine” that you should know about.

  1.  She doesn’t care at all
She might confuses us with her reaction but her meaning could be as simple as how we see things–because she just doesn’t give a damn about it.
  1. Do what you want
Her “fine” could be translated as “do what you want,” if she seems like she’s not having the conversation any longer. This may be caused by our poor judgement at listening to her problems or our problems.
  1. Leave me alone
This one can be resulted when she is feeling tired or stressed and she wants some fresh air. Women tend to think before they act and this is when she wants to see things better before making a final call out of it.

  1. That is it
If the way she says it’s fine is accompanied with a bitchy resting face then it means she is pissed and “you better fix what’s done.”  She really isn’t happy with what has happened, and it may take a long time to get over if she says this.
  1. I guess
When she says “it’s fine” with a hanging tone then the meaning could be she’s actually agreeing to what we said and wants to be comforted. And we better know how to handle our ladies afterwards.
Source: Elitedaily, GQ, Lovepanky
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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