5 Most Recommended Bottom Styles for Working Out

When hitting the gym, we would want to wear both functional and comfortable clothing.  We wouldn’t want to go around sweating in itchy garments, or while running we need to ride up our loose pants… these factors might cause us to get irritated and we would want to finish the workout faster so we can get rid of the outfit as soon as possible!


Mesh Leggings

With the mesh designs these types of leggings are very breathable and comfortable for you to wear during your toughest workout. It will keep us cool throughout our workout. Also, it could be worn outside the gym too!


Running Tights

Could not be separated with your phone? This legging is the solution for you! They have pockets to put your phone in it and with the thick material, you might think that this is uncomfortable for you to wear, but don’t sweat it, it is very functional and you are able to stretch your body however you want to.


Athletic Shorts

This types of shorts are quite popular to the market as we are able to see a lot of young teenage girls wearing it for casual outing and for doing exercise as well.  The short’s cutting itself had made it possible for us to move freely and the flexibility of the garment is very useful for people who do exercises.


Athletic Leggings

The fabric is breathable and smooth against our skin. They have the quick dry technology as well so you don’t have to worry on having damped pants on when training!  With the design on the side, it had created a sporty look and it follows the curve of the leg which has given a better fit.


Flare Shorts

The short is  both comfortable and functional to be used when working out.  With the stretchable material along the waistline and the string to fir properly with your figure, you don’t need to be afraid of having your pants loose while running!



Text by Sharon Chen



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