5 Natural Hot Springs You Should Dive in

Time flies so fast we don’t even realize that autumn is slowly leaving us and winter is coming up soon. With the temperature rise, you will get chill and wrap your body up with thick clothes. Yet winter can be exiting because there are a lot of countries you can visit with snow covering the areas. Plus, there are countries with their natural hot tubs that you can stopover.

Jigokudani, Japan

This natural hot tub in Nagano is probably the most famous one in the world. Although Jigokudani itself means valley of hell in Japanese, worry not! The valley is pretty when it’s covered by snow. And the quirky attraction in the hot spring is its snow monkey which will accompany you during your visit.

Saturnia, Italy

This hot spring is not only one, but hundreds of them! This pond is believed to have a positive effect for health, vitality, and beauty matters. And it’s already well-known among Romans since a long time ago. You can visit it in any time of the year, because it’s open to public throughout the year.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Located in Grindavik, this is the mandatory place that you must visit during your stay in Iceland. Within a 37 – 39 Celsius degrees, this hot pond contains a huge of amount of minerals can be used as therapeutic medication for skin disease.

Santa Rosa de Cabal, Colombia

The thermal pool in Risaralda is open for visitors and is one of the most raved hot spring in the country. It will be perfect if you soak yourself in the afternoon of termales bliss at this beautiful nature retreat. We notice that you need to hike up a little before you reach the hot spring.

Pamukkale, Turkey

The place name has a meaning of palace of cotton because it looks exactly like it. Pamukkale is taken from the beauty of travertine, a form of limestone deposited by mineral hot springs. Fun fact, this hot tub has been used as hot spring pool since the second century BC. Wow!


Source: Mister Aladin

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