5 Quirky British Pubs that You Should Know

England is already known as a country with a thousand pubs. People tend to spend their time at the pubs after work and on the weekend. In this chilly winter, more people will seek warmth from the locally-brewed beer. Receive a warm welcome at these British pubs who are quirky enough to visit.


The Yard of Ale, Kent
Spot the wooden bar and enjoy the communal atmosphere under the ceiling of overgrown vines and beer mats, or head outside to the hay bales for a friendly encounter with pet ponies.


The Highwayman Inn, Dartmoor
This unique pub is stuffed with weird and wonderful objects, plus the exterior is just as quirky, with horse and carriage at the front entrance and a gigantic black boot at the back.


Ty Coch Inn, North Wales
A hidden gem in the Porthdinllaen – the bar may be small, but it’s well-stocked and convivial. Grab yourself a gin and tonic and head out front to enjoy views of those Welsh peaks and ocean waves.


The Crown Liquor Saloon, Belfast
First founded in 1826, the pub creates quite an impression. With its stained-glass window, Italian hand-crafted woodwork, and dazzling mosaic floor, you’ll get the same warm welcome and atmosphere that customers enjoyed centuries ago.


The Two Brewers, Windsor
Neighbor to Windsor Castle, the pub is lovely in summer, but the Brewers really comes into its own in winter. Take a stroll down the Long Walk to see the King George III statue and spot herds of deer roaming in the Great Park, before marching back to the Brewers for a well-earned pub lunch and pint.
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