5 Reasons to Visit Haluu, The Latest Most Instagrammable Exhibition

Celebrating a whimsical journey, Haluu gives more than 8 different spots for you to take unique and amazing pictures. There are futuristic ambience provided by theFthing, unique noodle boat and the famous can of “kerupuk putih” by Indomie and many more!


Here are 5 reasons, why you would want to visit Haluu:
  1. Get a New Perspective
Some of the bizarre displays from the upside-down giraffe to the humongous kerupuk tin can, will gives you new view of things, and might give you inspiration for whatever you need.

  1. Enjoy Your Best Time.
This exhibition isn’t only enjoyable for young adults, but also kids. All the interactive stuffs you can do in there will satisfy anybody! No kids yet? A nephew or niece maybe – you can give them an unusual day out.
  1. Unique Merchs on Sale.
Well it’s almost Christmas and you haven’t bought anything yet. There are some unique scarf, pop socket, pins that are limited just for the exhibition. That could be one of your reasons to go check it out.

  1. Do It for the Gram, You Guys!
All the millenials would want to have cool feeds on their grams. Also cute IG story. There are truly so many picture spots you can have, which means endless new posts, boomerangs, and other stories for your social media! Damn that was fun!

  1. Bored with Movie-and-Dining Date?
About to go on your first date, but don’t know where? This can do it for you. Sure will be an unbeatable date! Not to mention, this is happening at Plaza Indonesia, so if you’re feeling hungry after an explosion of colors and arts, you can dine and shop to at the mall.
So what are you waiting for? Book your ticket now! And have an unforgettable day!

Photographer: Ganang Arfiardi

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