5 Reasons Why You Have to be the Hero Yourself Need  


Everyone has gone through such a bloodless pains in their lives that made them feel unworthy and invaluable. The dark age that they had to go through has somewhat changed them into the persons that they were not, and that because they have lost their faith in themselves.

Some people tend to have it hard on themselves when they don’t meet their expectations in life. When they failed their big exams after studying for days, when they caught red handed lying to their friends, or when they couldn’t finish their works because they already reached their dead ends. These people have the tendency to carry the pain and the insecurities to every steps they take afterwards, because they believe that they already fell into a pond of disappointment.
This phenomenon might sound familiar to you, the unheard voices in your head that crumbling you down and the uneasy feelings in your heart. However what if YOU can actually change it? What if it only takes your mind to flip the table upside down?
Jim Cathcart once said on his TED Talks session, that someone needs to think like an oak not like an acorn, because people have to think like the person they intend to become. Meaning through believing and thinking the way you want yourself to be, nothing is impossible to achieve.
These are the reasons why you can be your own hero in your own game:
  1. No One Knows You Like You Know Yourself
You’re the only person who can hear what your heart says and feel how your mind works. To know deeper about what you actually want, desire and wish, you need to find out your own velocity. Figure out your background imprint, the good and the bad things about yourself and how they effecting you. Learn your nature and you’ll see what kind of strategy that will work on you.
  1. You Own Your Own Game
After knowing your nature, you could see the things that you’re capable of , things that bring you joy when you’re doing it, and also the area that you feel like needed to be fixed or improved. You are the captain of your own G6, you can fly it higher or you can crash it to pieces. Hence, see it well, plan it better, and work it out the best.
  1. Your Shoes Will Take You There
The elders often said, “I’ve been in your shoes before” and that wasn’t said for nothing. Take a look at the great leaders out there, none of them had it easy at the beginning. They had to keep their noses to the grindstone with all of their blood, sweat, and tears to be where they are right now. Their self-belief kept them going no matter how hard things were and that exactly what you need to do. Believe in yourself.
  1. Your Kindness is Your Strongest Weapon
Self-love is a secret key to bring back your faith in yourself. Stop hating yourself, stop saying that you’ve failed yourself, and stop feeling betrayed. Showing kindness to yourself is also your strongest weapon for your own battle, as it is a process of forgiving your flaws  and owning up to your mistakes before.
  1. Only You Can Do it Best
Should I add more on this? You know you are the captain of your life, you know what is your weaknesses, your strengths and how to make them work together to bring the best of yourself. Ask yourself everyday “How would the person I’d like to be”, mapping out your way to conquer that and be the hero who you needed to save yourself.


Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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