5 Safest Countries to Visit as a Solo Traveler

There are some part of the world that can be dangerous especially for female travelers. Not due to it’s steep stairs or extreme climate but more about their history of incidents or violence.

It’s a big big world and with some research up front anywhere can be fun and safe. There are some destination that are considered safe by most travelers and here are the deets,
  1. Finland
The land of midnight sun and Northern Lights, this is the ideal destination for nature lovers. They have the largest wooded reserve in Europe and multiple other wild areas and some known as greatest lakes in Europe. And Finland is ranked number one in safety by World Economic Forum in their Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report.
  1. Canada
Home to a wide range of landscapes , centuries-old forest, snow-topped mountains, countrysides and glass clear lakes. With its special charm and multicultural touch, Canada is home to many safest cities for solo travelers.
  1. New Zealand
As Middle Earth for Lord the Rings fans , this is the destination worth visit even though you are alone. The country consisting of two main island with different beauty to offer. North filled with paradise beaches, volcanoes, lakes while South filled with Glaciers, snowy peaks and open oceans full of seals and whales. NZ is considered fourth safest country in the world to travel.
  1. Japan
A place where old traditions and advance technology finds a way to coexist. Tokyo, a mega-metropolis city titled “cleanest and best-organized in the world”. Osaka, a modern city with many charming and unique places to visit. Japan ranks sixth among the most peaceful countries according to the Global Peace Index.
  1. Singapore
With no doubt, Singapore ranked the safest cities on earth according to The Economist Intelligence Unit in 2015. With small area to cover, tough penalties for both big-time crimes and low-level offenses, you can walk around Singapore at night, alone without having to sweat a bit.
Writer: Ervina Michelle Liem
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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