5 Signs That Show How Mature You Are

How old do you think someone is considered mature? The answer is nothing close to the numbers you have in your mind.

In fact, what makes someone mature is not by how old they are, instead by how they project their thoughts into actions. Then how mature do you think you are? These are 5 signs that show how mature you actually are.
  • You take your responsibilities bravely
You know yourself well, all the way to your weaknesses. You know how you can function the best and finish all of your tasks. Meaning that you are ready to accept your imperfection, your mistake, and not blaming on others to your faults.
  • You stop talking about people behind their backs
There are many occasions where you are inside a circle of group and just begin talking about other people outside of the group. It happens all the time, but when you start realizing how waste of a time to talk about others behind their backs, then it means you have reached you own maturity.
  • You understand that not everyone has the same opinion as yours
Acknowledging the fact that everyone has their own opinions and yours is not always asked is a sign that you have given yourself enough credit to keep your thoughts to yourself. You know how to deal with your own opinion and you know the best time to share your thoughts. Not everyone is capable on doing this, and if you do, then what else to say?
  • You think about your words before you spill them out
Just like you know how to proceed your opinion in words, you begin to talk about how to portray your thoughts nicely and definitely not with one that can hurt other people’s feelings.
  • You give without thinking what you’ll receive
Mature people will give something—anything without looking forward what they’ll receive in return. Because to you, giving out people or doing good deeds mean a lot to yourself too and you do it because you need it not to ask for a validation from other people.
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Source: Medium, Refinery29

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