5 Steps to the Best Sleep Ever

Having some trouble sleeping like a baby at night? Here are 5 steps to get the best sleep ever:

  • No Caffeine at Night
To have your body ready to sleep on time is by avoiding caffeine drinks at night. Caffeine makes your nervous system more awakes for 6-8 hours, hence you better stop drinking your coffee at 3-4pm the latest.
  • Turn Off your Blue Light Gadgets
Having your gadgets turning on at night will give signals to your brain that it is still daytime. By turning down the blue lights that coming through your gadget, you can reduce the melatonin hormones which makes your body more relaxed to sleep deeper.
  • Set Up Your Alarm
Being consistent with your sleep time can help you to increase your sleeping quality. In order to do that, you can set up your alarm to remind you it’s time for you to sleep.
  • Cold Shower Before Bed
By having a cold shower, you can lower your body temperature, which makes you more relaxed. Having hot bath is good to unwind too, but it will rise up your temperature which hinder you from falling asleep.
  • Keep Your Room Dark
It’s a trick for your brain to let it knows that it’s already a bedtime, moreover if you’re not used to sleep in the dark you can totally wear an eye-mask to help you sleep better
Take these steps to have the best sleeping quality ever.


Source: health.com
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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