5 Things You Should Never Say to Your Partner

Honesty is one of the main keys in relationship, but there are also some things you should never say to your partner. Find them out here on Letter F.

  • “you’re too sensitive.”
you’re too sensitive” or “don’t be so sensitive,” are what you can say to your partner when they reveal their hurt feelings to you. Do not judge them for being upset over something, because it means you tell them that their feelings is wrong, and it’s not okay.
  • “you always do that”
When you’re feeling frustrated to your partner over their actions, this may slip from your mouth like it’s nothing, but it is clearly not the best way confront their behaviors. Instead, choose the right time and moment to discuss your problem in a constructive way which is when you both agreed to listen to each other.
  • “it’s nothing”
Nothing is ever one when it makes your partner worries. It could be something they don’t actually need to worry about, but you’re taking it too easy so you’re not even bothered to tell them, which then it becomes something. Just explain to your partner your point of view of things and ask them theirs too.
  • “I’m not wrong, this is just me.”
This could be one of the most selfish things you could ever say to your partner. Period. When you let someone gets into your life, it means you let them to encourage you to be the best of yourself. You may become defensive when they point out your weakness points, but you need to be open to some constructive criticisms.
  • “my ex was…”
Do not ever try to compare your partner to your ex, it’s incredibly rude and hurtful. No matter how good your intention is to wrap your thoughts in comparing your current partner with your ex, it still proves the fact that you’re not ever them yet.
Nurturing a relationship takes efforts and time, thus when you and your partner fall into an agreement, use your words carefully because they’re such a two-sided weapon.
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Source: Bustle, psychology today

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