5 Tips to Steal the Spotlight on Instagram

To attract attention on Instagram, you certainly need to pay attention to your posts.


Have Aesthetic
People take Instagram because they like the aesthetic side.So, find out your own aesthetic.
Use Hashtag Wisely Using hashtag is one way to make many people see your photos or videos. Instagram limits the number of hashtags that you can use in each post to 30.
Regardless of the number of hashtags that need to be used, you should use them wisely.
Don’t upload photos or videos too often When you don’t have many followers, you don’t have to bother people too much by continuing to post.
But, after your followers begin to grow, don’t flood them by posting per day.
Use Instagram Stories
Instagram Stories are quickly becoming an important part of the platform. In addition, this Snapchat-like feature can also be a great way to build loyalty and involvement in your community.
Multiple Image Posting at Once
If you shoot various photos during a photo shoot, you might want to publish them as multiple images instead of one at a time.


Source: iNews

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