5 Unbelievable Food Myths That’s Still Alive Today

The world of culinary isn’t immune to myths – some are still alive on the public’s mind up to this today. Let’s check them out!

1.  No fermented sticky rice during period

Fermented sticky rice, or tape ketan, is a traditional Indonesian food. The process of creating the food is quite complicated and it’s usually done by women. The people from the past – even until today, believe that a woman who’s on period shall not involve in the creation of this fermented sticky rice for their ‘bad mood’ can be absorbed into the ingredients. People also believed that it may change the color of the sticky rice.

2. Salty food means ‘chronic singleness’ 

The myth is still very much real among the society, but it’s more into jokes material instead of something that’s seriously feared. People here believe that when someone creates a dish that’s too salty, it’s a signal that they’re fed up of being alone and want to get married as soon as possible.

3. Coconut water makes a child’s skin fair 

This is the myth that’s widespread among pregnant woman; it is believed that drink coconut water a lot during pregnancy can result in the baby’s fair-looking skin.

4. Don’t bite your noodle

People in China, Japan, to Indonesia believe that when eating noodle, you shall not bite it in the middle. when swallowing – because the dish symbolizes prosperity and longevity. So they people believe cutting it in the middle may also cut your luck in life.

5. Sugar on tea means secret admirer 

Have you are sipped on a cup of tea and found excessive sugar at the bottom? They said, if it happens to you, someone is secretly in love with you and missing you at the moment.

Source: Okezone

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