5 Workout Ideas for the Lazy Bums

Being a lazy bum sometimes make you forget how important it is to keep your body stays fit.

We get it that weekends for the workaholics out there are the golden time to rest and chill, but you can actually use your lazy time to move your ass and be well.

Here are seven workout ideas for you lazy bums:
  • Chill Walk
The biggest problem in our country is that there’s so many options of transportation that we become lazy to walk. To make it less boring and more fun, you can go strolling around the shopping malls for a good 20 mins, and you’re already done a workout session for the day.
  • Make It 10s
Doing some workout styles are very tiring if you do it in many sets at once, so try to do it in one time with 10 times of each style, for exemple 10 pushups and situps. When you already feel like you can do it more than 10 times, you can totally increase the number in your next session.
  • A Necessary Playlist
An exceptionally important element in your workout session, pick your favorite songs in one playlist and try to have fun as you sweat yourself.
  • Do it on the Couch
Watching some tv on your lazy couch? Now try to utilize your time as you watch your shows by doing some workouts. Go to youtube for many couch workout references, they’re definitely going to make you say thank you to your couch.
  • Make use of every limited time
Workout can be done at anytime, while you’re watching TV, calling your friends, or even when you’re showering, the key is just to put your intention to it and you will have your body moving at any free time that you have. Just do it first.
Source: Love Sweat Fitness, Cosmopolitan
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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