5 World’s Destination that You Shouldn’t Missed According to Travel Experts

Since you worked hard in the first semester of 2017, it’ll be nice if you go travel somewhere exotic. BOmagz already compiled the best 5 destination during the summer according to travel experts. Here goes the list!

Wayag Island, Indonesia

Michael Travers, Head of Marketing&Communications for SeaTrek Sailing Adventures, name this island as the most stunning spot in Indonesia. The island itself is located in Raja Ampat, West Papua and known as an iconic spot for diving and its beautiful scenery. It’s a suitable place to spend your summer by diving into the blue ocean.

After visiting Egypt in 2015, Geoffrey Kent – founder of Abercombie & Kent, highly recommended us to visit the country. The historical site like the Cheops Pyramid looks more stunning under the hot sun. While in there, you can admire the ancestors’ work, or just casually riding the camels.

Remember Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dream video clip? The sanctuary that Lucy Jackson advises looks similar with it. The director and co-founder of Lightfoot Travel said that Skeleton Beach in Namibia is the best wildlife site. Also, what to do when in Namibia: flying over dunes in Namib Desert.

We bet the first thing that comes up in your mind when we mention Greenland is the iceberg. Yet according to Matthew Karsten, a professional photographer and travel blogger in Expert Vagabond, Greenland in summer is quite pleasant for trekking. Or spending your day walking the ice cap near the Kangerlussuaq.
Himalaya, India

As a region where the highest mountain in the earth is located, Himalaya attracts many travelers to be explored. One of them is Maxine Headley, the travel expert from Smith24. In Himalaya, especially in summer, many mountaineer spend their days adventuring around the mountains and nights sleeping under the stars in the base camps.

Source: Okezone

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