6 Best Fall Destinations to Date

Right after the hot summer, autumn is saying hello. It’s one of the most magical times of the year when temperature starts to drop and the nature starts to put on one hella of a show. If most of people travel during summer, it’s time to explore beautiful places in fall season.


Greece during the fall – when the harvest breathes life into the country’s many wineries, olive groves, and traditional taverns – is a magical place.

The Netherlands

Come autumn, shades of yellow, red and orange embellish the ancient canals of Utrecht, the Netherlands. Rent a boat and paddle your way through the colorful canals.


Although the country may be known for its hostile winters which is far below freezing, the autumn season serves a last rays of autumn sun.


On broad daylight, the street smells of orange blossom, chilled beer, and snacking on tapas; while the nights are long and balmy.


The nip of winter shyly shows the tip of its nose behind the maple autumn colored scenery. Thus you can visit Old Bushmills Distillery, a whiskey-making legend in Northern Island.


Embrace the dramatic transformation that autumn brings along with the best views of maple trees and red oaks’ fiery tones color.

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