6 Signs He is Attracted to You

Figuring out a man’s mind is like putting together 1000 puzzles pieces.

They’re so difficult to read and deciphering one sign wrongly can lead you to a friendzone. But girls, men are all about body language, so if you’re currently stuck in limbo and have zero ideas on whether or not he is attracted to you, here are six signs that can help you interpret his codes:
  1. He does the triangle gazing
According to Cosmopolitan, if he is indeed interested in you, when he talks to you he will look directly to your eyes and occasionally gaze to your mouth, which makes a triangle symbol.
  1. He asks you, a lot
To show his interests in you, he will start asking you a lot of things because he wants to know more about you.
  1. Leaning toward you
After doing those two above, his body will follow by moving a lot closer to you, and this will reveal his intention to be close to you.

  1. Pointing their toes to you
Though this sounds funny, but having one part of your body subconsciously point at you meaning that he put his 100% focus in you, in your responses, and in your body language as well.
  1. He calls your name in conversation
if you both happen to be in a group talk and he repeats saying your name and tell about stories that involve you, then you can be sure that he’s been watching you for a while and that is a sign.
  1. He checks his looks
Nobody wants to look bad in front of their crushes, including men, so if he does this, may—be he does want to look the best for you.
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Source: Cosmopolitan, Bustle, TeenVogue

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